Pneumatic Valve Gate Sequencer

If your mold requires a pneumatic valve gate sequencer, P.E.T.S. provides consistent and reliable processing.  This model offers a mountable screen that is connected to the power unit, but can be mounted next to the machine controls for ease of processing and time savings.  Standard features are as follows:

  • Position, time or manual modes of operation
  • Utilizes inches or millimeters
  • Optional mountable tethered remote control screen
  • 2:1 air intensifier
  • Pressure adjustable up to 200 psi.
  • Up to 24 valves of control (need more? custom units are available)
  • Memory for up to 20 mold set-ups stored by 6 digit tool numbers
  • 12 gallon holding tank


Valve Gate Pneumatic Sequencer
Valve Gate Pneumatic Sequencer

Quick connect fittings

LED high resolution readout