PHRS Temperature Controller

The new PHRS Temperature Controller exclusively from P.E.T.S. is a PID controlled instrument, specifically designed for the hot runner plastic injection mold industry.  This controller is self-adjusting and capable of maintaining a very high degree of accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions.

Each PHRS Temperature Controller has user friendly features that help the molder maintain superior part quality and provides a larger processing window.

Standard features include:

  • J or K type TC’s
  • 20 amps per zone
  • °F or °C temperature
  • Automatic internal switching upon detecting a thermocouple reverse condition, which lets the zone remain in operation.
  • Automatic shut-off when a shorted or mis-wired thermocouple is found.
  • Automatic switch to manual mode when an open thermocouple is detected.
  • Full PID Control
  • Warm-up Cycle
  • High/low temperature alarm indicator when measured temperature is +/-40° F from the set point.
  • 3 digit, 7 segment LED actual and set point temperature readout
  • 2 digit, 7 segment LED heater current amp draw readout
  • Automatic/manual control modes
  • Automatic save of preset system configuration at shutdown and automatic reload of last used configuration at start-up.

Up to 48 zones available

High Resolution Readout

Self Adjusting Capabilities