Mold Flow Analysis

There are several critical facets to a mold flow analysis and P.E.T.S. is one of the few company’s in the world to be certified as an “Expert” by Moldflow. P.E.T.S. know the required input for ‘analysis’ work may vary, depending on what analysis you’re looking to perform which is why we provide custom Mold Flow Analysis reports.

Temperature Controllers

The SSMC Temperature Control Systems have a full PID control that measures temperatures at 64 times per millisecond and adjusts every three seconds. This automatic evaluation provides the ideal temperature control and minimal temperature variation above and below the temperature set point.

Valve Gate Sequencers

We offer Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrically operated control systems. Stand-alone portable sequencers are readily available to you. We also have several other operational systems that can meet your processing needs.