P.E.T.S. provides hot runner systems, valve gate sequencers, temperature controllers and of course, mold filling analysis, from “Gold-Certified” experts.  This is ‘one stop shopping’ at its finest, for all of your injection mold manufacturing needs.  The P.E.T.S. wide range of system standards, make it easy for you to find, quote and purchase the right system for you.

Hot Runner Systems


P.E.T.S. provides experience and quality equipment.  They’ve combined decades of plastic molding and tooling experience with advanced technology to…

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Valve Gate Sequencers


P.E.T.S. offers hydraulic, pneumatic and dual-capability valve gate sequencer, control systems. Stand-alone portable sequencers are readily available to you. P.E.T.S. also has…

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Temperature Controllers


The SSMC Temperature Control Systems have a full PID control that measures temperatures at 64 times per millisecond and adjusts every three seconds. This…

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Mold Flow Analysis


The P.E.T.S. mold flow department, is a recognized leader in providing analytical services in mold-filling, mold cooling, shrink & warp analysis, gas…

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