SSMC Series Temperature Controllers

The Space Saving Module Control (SSMC) 951 Temperature Control System is a technologically-advanced system allowing users to monitor, set-up and control the system via a computer LAN network using an Internet connection. The SSMC 951 is a user-friendly diagnostics system that delivers precise multiple zone temperature control resulting in a quality end product.

The SSMC Temperature Control Systems have a full PID control that measures temperatures at 64 times per millisecond and adjusts every three seconds. This automatic evaluation provides the ideal temperature control and minimal temperature variation above and below the temperature set point.

Standard features include:

  • Automatic Internal Switching – detects a thermocouple reverse condition and maintains operations
  • Automatic Switch – reads an open thermocouple and adjusts to manual mode
  • Automatic Shut-off – finds shorted or incorrectly wired thermocouple and turns off
  • Automatic internal switching upon detecting a thermocouple reverse condition, which lets the zone remain in operation.
  • Automatic shut-off when a shorted or miswired thermocouple is found.
  • SPI Communication Capabilities
  • High/Low Temperature Alarm Indicator – alerts operator when temperature is +/-40° F from set-point
  • Automatic /Manual Control Modes
  • Full PID Control
  • Warm-up Cycle
  • LAN Network System Monitoring, Set-up and Control – utilizing Internet Explorer or Netscape
  • 220VAC Three Phase (Also supports 220VAC and 110VAC Single Phase)
  • 10.4” LCD Touch Screen Display – includes keyboard and mouse.
  • Wet Heater Detection
  • Unlimited Recipe Storage
  • Automatic Save of Preset System Configuration – saved at shutdown and automatic reload of last used configuration at start-up
  • Micro-processor Controlled – autonomous single card per zone that is user serviceable
  • Heaters Fused at 20A – user serviceable
  • Integrated Heat Sink System – rated for 4,400 Watt Heater per zone
  • Triac Temperature Sensing – includes high temperature alarm
  • High Current Bus Bar Power Distribution to Each ZonePlastic Engineering & Technical Services offers 12-zone SSMC that expands as production needs require. The Temperature Control Systems are offered in 12-zone, 24-zone, 36-zone, 48-zone and a 60-zone is available with 15-zone control quad rack system. Regardless of the number of zones, the controller remains the same size.

SSMC 951