Hot Runner Systems

P.E.T.S. has six unique, standard PHRS systems.  The PHRS-1 is the largest and is built to handle shot sizes of over 5 lbs.  The PHRS-1 can provide bore sizes of up to 1.25″ and O-hole sizes of .250″.  Gradual steps down in profiles, bore sizes, cap diameters and pothole sizes depict each PHRS-2 through PHRS-6 system, to best suite your needs and requirements.

               A leader in innovation! The round manifold system with 360° of heated surface.

Each of the six standard PHRS systems can be manufactured as a non-valve gated, valve gated, hot half or unitized system.  See the chart below as a general overview of system styles and stack-ups.  Based on your parts ‘shot weight’, P.E.T.S. can customize a hot runner system that is effective and efficient.

Standard Injection Gated Manifolds

Non-valved gated manifolds

Also called non-valve gated standard injection gated manifold systems are robust and efficient. Engineered with ‘screw-in’ drops in mind, this design is the most durable and reliable manifold system…

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Valve Gated Manifolds

Valve Gated Manifold

Valve gated manifold systems provide precision timing on material flow and volume. This, in turn, optimizes processing parameters and insures the most effective processing…

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Hot Half Systems

Hot half hot runner systems are a complete assembly that is pre-wired and ready to bolt on to your mold. Components include: Clamp Plate…

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Unitized Systems

Unitized hot runner systems are pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and pre-tested, drop-in systems.This type of system is easy to install, run and maintain. The overall ease…

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