PHRS-GUI Temperature Control System

P.E.T.S. has recently introduced the new PHRS-GUI system.  This 12-96 zone Temperature Control System allows user to monitor, setup and control the system via a computer LAN network through any internet connection.

The GUI is a user friendly diagnostics system that delivers precise multiple zone temperature control, resulting in a quality end product.  This technologically advanced system has many additional features to reduce maintenance requirements and improve safety.  The GUI system requires only one controller to process all load sizes.

Standard features include:

  • Automatic Internal Switching- detects a thermocouple reverse condition and maintains operations
  • Automatic Switch- reads an open thermocouple and adjusts to  manual mode
  • Automatic Shut-off- finds shorted or incorrectly wired thermocouple and turns off
  • SPI Communications Capabilities
  • High/Low Temperature Alarm indicator-alerts operator when temperature is adjusted from set-point
  • J or K type TC’S
  • °F or °C temperature

12-24 zone model

36-96 zone model

Standard 20 ft. power cables included