Auburn Hills, MI – WHQ

P.E.T.S. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI.

From here, P.E.T.S. designs, engineers and manufactures the following products for the injection mold industry.

P.E.T.S. has been manufacturing hot runner systems for more than 3 decades and has built its reputation on industry leading products, state of the art equipment, gold certified mold flow analysis and cutting edge innovation such as the round manifold system of the early 2000’s.  This sleek system applied heat 360° around the manifold for the most consistent melt and flow temperatures possible.

Currently, P.E.T.S. manufactures and supports to a growing global market.  For more information please click on the “contact” page for a free quote or mold flow!

State of the art, full size square, manifold system

A leader in innovation! The round manifold system with 360° of heated surface.

High precision, small profile, micro systems for a growing global market