P.E.T.S. Industries – Automotive

With their world headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan, P.E.T.S. plays a highly integrated role in the automotive industry.

Providing world class hot runner systems is just the physical, end product. But in the high precision world of the auto industry, P.E.T.S. involvement starts as soon as a requisite for a part is written.

How do they do this? First off, P.E.T.S. is one of the few “gold certified” mold flow analysts in the world. This means they have the highest degree of training and experience to advise and perform mold flows, up front, in order to insure drop locations, gating conditions, injection balance, etc. are optimized for the tool maker.

Next, they provide fast and accurate feedback on mold conditions, parting line hazards and potential heating and cooling issues, during their system design process.

By the time any system is delivered, a customer well informed with documentation, of any negatively effecting or corrected issues.

Interior structural components

Automotive Engineering and Design